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Memory Lane


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Have you ever walked down memory lane?
Places where you had seen yourself,
Places you had created unconscious habits that felt unforgettable but fain?
How does it feel to see those habits finally wash away?
To finally be yourself without any regrets?
To finally break down those walls and exit,
Yet become stronger and resist?
It makes you resilient something you hadn’t felt in so long.
Never thought you could be like this am I right?
Some days you must have thought its a part of life,
A feeling of normality that passes by,
But the moment you step the other side you realize your capability,
Your capacity for knowing what to let in and what to not,
It’s never too late to create your change,
Don’t ever forget that you’re the one who decides what makes you happy☀️😃



© Copyright of The Thoughts of Her, 2015-2017



© Copyright of The Thoughts of Her, 2015-2017






Sometimes to have a new beginning,
Not knowing what the heart needs,
Mesmerized within the dreams,
Analyzing for what it needs.
Trying to say what is to keep,
What has to leave to make you complete….


© Copyright of The Thoughts of Her, 2015-2017





Sometimes all you want to do is to curl up in a ball,
And rock yourself away from your feelings,
Gently close your eyes and bring peace within you.
Trying to feel the cool air around you to bring a freshness inside,
And try to leave the cold musty feeling that is constantly creating a claustrophobic trap….


© Copyright of The Thoughts of Her, 2015-2017



© Copyright of The Thoughts of Her, 2015-2017

The Spark


Sometimes in the moments which you least expect,

A little ray of sunshine would brighten your day.

Have you noticed that the days you feel at your worst and immovable,

Even felt like a numbness to the soul that you thought wouldn’t ever leave.

Soon after there is a happy moment or even a spark that you didn’t know was there….

That happy moment reminds you of your purpose to life,

And tells you in a miraculous way that there is much more than what you had thought….

Sometimes all one needs is a little hope,

Sometimes that hope would come just by a beautiful weather or good location,

Sometimes by being around people that love you,

Maybe even just some good music with a positive vibe,

Sometimes what everyone needs is just a small moment to revive themselves,

To notice that from every storm there would be a rainbow,

But it just takes time for one to find their own rainbow and all it takes is a little patience….

© Copyright of The Thoughts of Her, 2015-2017












© Copyright of The Thoughts of Her, 2015-2017



© Copyright of The Thoughts of Her, 2015-2017


© Copyright of The Thoughts of Her, 2015-2017

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